About Us

The goal behind Tux

What makes Tux different?

Unlike Tux's bot friends, Tux isn't trying to be the best penguin or have the greatest features. Tux's true purpose is to help, engage, and gather communities worldwide.

Born in the era of COVID. Tux tried his best to keep friends around the world keep connected and feel closer while apart. Tux is a penguin for the community, always open to suggestions, Tux gladly tries best to manage to make every request possible.

The team behind Tux

Surprinsingly, Tux was created by a team of one. The Geppetto of Tux, Robbie also known as Glowstick#0017.

Robbie's goal is the same as Tux. During a very hard time for everyone around the world, Robbie put his efforts and motivation into creating a tool for other to connect and have fun.

Ready to join Tux in gathering communities world wide?